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Degotte supports biodiversity and is sponsoring a beehive

Degotte supports biodiversity and sponsors a hive.

Degotte supports biodiversity and is sponsoring a beehive.

Protecting the environment is central to our thinking, and we have clearly demonstrated this by employing a Circular Economy Developer (see his interview here) and explaining the direct implications for our manufacturing process (link).

These are the structural implications relating to this issue.

And we don’t stop there. What we want is for the environment to become a real part of the company’s culture, leading to significant, practical action on our part.

To this end, we’ve decided to sponsor a beehive.

This is direct support for a passionate bee-keeper who ‘pre-sells’ his honey, and creates economies of scale by managing his own network of beehives and those supported by companies.

For us, this is a direct contribution to the biodiversity of our Region, and allows us to raise public awareness of the problem of declining bee populations.

On this topic, discover the Walloon Region’s Maya Plan.

Our beehive is currently on the bee-keeper’s premises, but when we move to our new location, we’ll have enough space to set it up on our land and make it more visible.

Interested in the concept? Feel free to get in touch and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to sponsor a beehive too You can also visit our partner bee-keeper’s website directly: Rucher du Grand Chêne http://rucherdugrandchene.be


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