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Your modular construction project

What a modular building is like

Highly customisable standardised modules

Degotte provides standardised, factory-made modules based on industrial processes.

The quality is consistent, the lead times are shorter and the resources are used more efficiently.

There is total freedom in terms of styles and features. Everything can be designed to suit your tastes, both inside and outside.

Our standardised modules

Examples of personalisation

Three metres wide by 6-7-8-9 metres long

Other dimensions

Cladding with contemporary, sustainable sandwich panels

Metal cladding


Wood frame partitions

Glazed partitions

Mobile partitions

Acoustic-slab false ceilings


Efficient PIR insulation

Bio-sourced materials

2 mm PVC floors (BFSL1)

Smooth concrete

Built-in electricity


IT installations

LED lighting with detectors or switches

Alarm systems

Video surveillance

Access controls

Remote control air-air heat pump

Air-water heat pump

PVC frame with laminated double-glazing 2×2 m

Other dimensions


Interior walls in 12 mm white melamine panels

Painted plasterboard panels

Temporary or permanent

Purchase or rental, new or reused

Modular solutions that adapt to the space and last over time.
A construction may be permanent or temporary. Should your space needs be likely to change, we offer rental and reuse solutions.
On the one hand, you can rent a new module for a few years. On the other, you have the opportunity to acquire a reused module at a low price.

360° service

It’s easy – we’re always available

We offer a turnkey service including comprehensive planning, design and compliance with construction rules, site preparation, delivery and installation.

Receive a quote in no time

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All terrain. All business. Made to last.

We create efficient and scalable learning, leisure and work environments. Our modules are designed to meet your exact specifications, and can be reused, extended and moved as your needs change.

Educational buildings

Office buildings

Hospital facilities



Sports and cultural facilities

Benefits of modular construction

The advantages of modular construction

Quality management, improved lead times, reduced waste, reduced nuisance and modularity: there are many reasons to choose off-site modular construction.


Factory production reduces the volumes of waste, transport and energy consumption. But one of the main advantages of Degotte modular structures is that they can be dismantled, moved and reused with minimal changes.

Quality control

Once assembled and sealed, the modules form an integrated assembly of walls, floors and ceilings. Off-site construction in a controlled factory environment enables better quality management. Our factory has demanding quality-control programmes, with the highest level of inspection and testing protocols.

Nuisance and security

As 80% of the construction activity takes place in a factory, you considerably reduce the disruptions surrounding the building site, traffic and the risks of incidents. This is very important for very active companies, such as schools or hospitals.

Architectural possibilities

The structure is scalable, allows for a large variety of configurations and the choices of finish are practically infinite. Modular buildings are also very easy to modernise, move or transfer, which helps them stand the test of time.

Speed of execution

Given that off-site construction reduces both the number of people involved and the impact of weather on site progress, everything goes faster. This amounts to months being saved.

Our design office

A methodical approach to constructing modern, modular and sustainable buildings

Why choose Degotte


We have experienced teams of off-site construction, manufacturing and architecture professionals.


Comfort, well-being, safety and resistance: our builds offer maximum guarantee.


All the standard materials used in our modules are chosen from brands of recognised quality, such as Unilin, Joris Ide or Knauf.

Supply security

Process standardisation, stocks and the close relationship we maintain with our suppliers ensure that deadlines are met.


With over 40 years of experience in modular construction, you can count on Degotte to design your buildings up to several thousand m2.

CSR policy

Sustainability is a component of each module of a Degotte building. Our factory saves energy and reduces waste, and we support the circular economy.

Prices and lead times

Avoid unpleasant surprises. Our prices and lead times are set and rarely subject to disruption. You can rely on a well-oiled machine.


The use of digital tools is fundamental to guarantee your building’s characteristics. Its integrity, quality and structural resistance are modelled by our design office.

It's easy to get an offer

And it’s free! Two things that everyone loves.


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