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Communal facilities

An art gallery, a cultural centre or football changing rooms? Modular construction does it all! Request a quote. It’s free!


Let’s design your project

Come to us with your requirements and constraints. We’ll design your project together, including everything that will make your building an efficient and enjoyable space.

Let’s build your premises

Our factory will prepare all the modules, while our partners take care of preparing the foundations and connections.

Welcome your visitors

The building will be installed quickly. You’ll just have to open the doors and make the most of the fittings made to suit your interests.


A practical and welcoming establishment

Here are a few essential elements in designing a reception, living and inspiring space.

Open spaces

Enjoy your leisure activities to the max. We help you design a convertible and functional interior layout.

Future-proof flexibility

Don’t keep your project fixed in time – let it evolve. Enlarging, moving, opening or closing the spaces is one of the advantages of modular construction.

Resistant coverings

We offer the most resistant and hygienic coverings that will withstand trampling and wear and are easy to clean.

A strong architectural identity

Play with colour, shape and materials to your heart’s content. We complete your project with coverings and decoration that project the image you want to convey.

Layout possibilities

  • Reception
  • Art gallery
  • Theatre
  • Gymnasium
  • Nurse’s office
  • Changing rooms
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Conference rooms
  • Recreational spaces
  • Drama rooms
  • Book and media library
  • Offices

Got a temporary need?

If your space requirements are temporary in the short or medium term, we have two solutions that will be more affordable: rental or reuse. In both cases, we will personalise your modules according to your needs.

Public contracts

Degotte is able to respond to municipal, provincial, regional or federal public tenders.



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